How To Optimise Your Online Video

MMore musicians are realizing just how important videos are to the success of their marketing campaigns. People love watching not only music videos, but also behind-the-scenes, live recordings, or album promos.

However, most artists still don’t know how to properly optimize their videos. Here are some helpful tips that video marketers can use to improve their video’s optimization.

Create videos in a file that is easy to share

To market your music video successfully, you will need to make it easy for other people to share with their friends. One thing you can do is create your videos in simple files. These files should be easy to upload on sites like Youtube, Vimeo and other video hosting sites. Common video files include .AVI and .MOV. Though these files may not be able to retain some of the video’s quality, they will make it easy for uploaders to share. These files still support HD resolution, so your video won’t be losing much quality.


Make a call-to-action within your video

You should have multiple instances of calls-to-action within your band’s site. The video you feature on your site should have the biggest call-to-action. Most site owners on the Web make their videos the main form of information for their visitors. As a result, they include within their video everything that others would include within their blocks of text.

Use keywords within your video

Sites like YouTube seem to index videos that contain keywords that are not only in the title, but also in the actual video. Therefore, if someone is watching a video about dancing to dubstep, they may see your video in the recommendations side bar for related keywords. Your video’s title may be dubstep band, but some keywords within your video (if you do a typography music video, for example) may have caused it to show up in the recommendations.

Just as you would for other content, you can research relevant keywords using the free Google tool. Incorporate these words in your videos where they fit.

Enter all related tags

Youtube allows users to add any relevant tags to their videos to help viewers find them. You should take advantage of these tags to add as many relevant keywords that you possibly can. Youtube will also recognize the keywords you enter and give you suggestions for other keywords.

Make your video a video response

YouTube has an amazing feature that can greatly help videos become viral. Users can take their uploaded videos and post them as video responses to other videos. Therefore, if your video is about social marketing, you can post that video as a response to another social media marketing video.


Just don’t ignorantly create videos without any strategy. Utilize these simple tips to help you optimize your video to be very effective for gaining new fans and increasing music sales.

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