Mobile Web Vs. Artist Websites

IIn the coming weeks a quarter-million people will head to Austin, TX, where nearly 2,000 official and unofficial music acts will be vying for their attention, making SXSW an amazing place to discover and be discovered. What if someone hears a band and wants to check them out via mobile phone? Will the artist websites be ready to serve up a quality mobile experience for fans at SXSW?

That was the question guys behind ShareSquare asked and parsed over 1,700 band websites listed on the official SXSW roster to figure out if they could handle the expected mobile traffic.

The resulted infographic is published on Mashable and includes quite a lot of insightful information, which you should read and make conclusions from. What really pleased me personally is that the managed by Dotted Music dubstep trio PLAYMA is featured at the bottom of the infographic as a “proper” example of a mobile-optimized website (we started using Sharesquare for the band just few weeks ago, in fact).

Click the image to see the full infographic, and get back to Dotted Music to let us know if your website is mobile-optimized or not and what you think on that in the comments. Share the links!

PLAYMA Mobile Website