Fill In The Blanks – Music Marketing In Today’s Music Industry Online

WWhen it comes to listing a show, posting a song, a video or anything, are you the type to fill in the blanks for the sake of music marketing when it comes to the various fields you can fill out on various sites to push your music to the music industry?

Or are you more of the type to fill in the blank for one or two fields and leave the rest empty? Are you rushing to get that track up, that video up, that song for sale and only paying attention to the upload, the cost, the album cover and the band name?

Effective music marketing online today when it comes to promoting and selling your music comes down to brand recognition. And since there are so many brands out there, the more information you have to be cross-referenced, searched on and found through elements that might not tie directly to your band name or song is the smartest thing you can do.

Whenever you are posting anything, make sure you are filling in every blank, description area, keywords and whatever else. Those fields are often put in to various ways to be searched on. The more fields and options you can be searched on, the more chances you will be found.

Fill in the blanks and keep those fill ins uniform. The more consistent information about you, your song, your album and your band, the more that can become cross optimized and move you up in the searches that much faster.

Do not cut corners when you are posting. Give what ever you are putting out there, the best chances to be found with the easiest ways for these new fans to find out even more about you. Fill in the blanks, share the information and build your fan base even larger.

Loren Weisman is an accomplished music producer, author and music consultant. He is the author of “The Artist’s Guide to Success in the Music Business”, a book to help independent artists, musicians, bands, labels and managers achieve self sufficient and sustainable success. For more info on Loren and music consulting services, visit:

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