DJ Tiësto Doesn’t Spend His Money Because He’s ‘Too Busy Working’

DDJ Tiësto seemed to be either reluctant to brag or simply a little confused in a recent CNN interview, when asked what he spends his money on.

His original reply, which hardly set the world alight, was simple: “I don’t.”

When pushed on the matter, Tiësto was keen to stick to his answer, saying: “I don’t have really time to spend money to be honest because I’m always working.”

But the interviewer wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, asking the superstar whether he owns a private jet.

Tiësto replied in the positive, before admitting to renting expensive yachts, spending “a lot of money on clothes” and houses; in fact, he confessed to not knowing just how many houses he owns, saying that he should count them.

But Tiësto, less than ready to discuss at length his riches, was keen to emphasize the importance of charity: “The best part … is that this year I’m going to start my Group Life foundation [his charity organisation].

“We’re gonna connect the clubbers with the less fortunate, and try to connect people and raise as much money as possible and every year I’m gonna pick a few different projects to help and I think that’s really nice thing I can do. Finally to give something back to the community.

“If you make so much money a year you don’t need that and so I think it’s very nice and important and gives you such a good feeling as well to be able to help other people.

“That’s an amazing feeling; it’s nice to help other people.”

* The full interview aired in CNN International’s ‘Talk Asia’ on Saturday, 25 August *

Samuel Agini is the Editor of Andrew Apanov’s Dotted Music