Free Music Contracts Offer: Music Contract Store

AA new partnership between The Musician’s Guide and Avenant Law is to supply professional music contracts at affordable prices, with musicians and music business professionals set to benefit from the deal.

 Music Contract Store, which is set for launch on 20 October, will offer bands and industry professionals high standard music contracts for affordable prices, with the partnership aiming to provide up-to-date music contracts that protect bands and their music.

Marcus Taylor

The store, which was founded by former indie label manager Marcus Taylor and legal consultant Juan Lopez, has been working with legal advisers from major record labels in order to create music contracts that cater to the demanding nature of the modern music industry.

Part of the store’s marketing strategy is to provide contracts taking into account a wide range of legal systems, including those of the USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

There are contracts available for 360 Deals, Band Agreements, hiring session musicians and even Music Publishing, with prices starting as low as $19.99.

Music Contract Store also offers the options of Music Contract Packages and custom made contracts, for musicians and music industry professionals with more specific demands.

However, Dotted Music can share with you a link that, until the launch of the Music Contract Store on 20 October, will allow you to download a selection of Music Contract Store’s professional music contracts FREE OF CHARGE.

Just follow this link and the instructions provided: