Participate In A Global Music Conference From Home

FFor most independent artists, songwriters, and record labels, one of the primary ways to truly develop international connections and showcase their act and music for the industry representatives is to participate in a major music conference. But for the vast majority of these, the high cost of airfare, hotel and restaurant meals, combined with direct costs of participating in the event, has made it financially unfeasible, especially in the latest years.

There is a project to change this situation for good.

IC Virtual Music Conference and Expo

IC Virtual Music Conference and Expo

Nashville based Indie Connect, an educational and networking organization for working artists, songwriters and musicians, is bringing all of the features of a live global music conference right into the artist’s home. The IC Virtual Music Conference and Expo will feature 3 days of high-level international networking, over 50 expert presentations by experts worldwide, a music business trade show and both live and video artist showcases. And best of all, it is being held exclusively online.

Pricewise, anyone can participate in the conference for just under $50 for all 3 days. Businesses can buy a trade show booth for under $250, while artists and record labels can buy a showcase booth for under $150.

“This is going to be a truly global event,” says Indie Connect CEO, Vinny Ribas. “We’ve attracted speakers, businesses and artists from the US, Russia, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and China, to name a few. For an artist, it is an ideal way to make contacts and showcase themselves to industry executives and talent buyers worldwide. For businesses, it is an ideal way to demonstrate and sell their products and services to thousands of artists.”

The event was originally scheduled for January 2013. However, it has been moved ahead to February 26-28 to accommodate the demand.

Register for the event as an attendee, purchase a booth or inquire about sponsorship at