Webdoc Now Integrates With SoundCloud, Songkick And Topspin

WWebdoc, described as “the most expressive way to share your passions online through the creation of rich media posts,” has announced integrations with SoundCloud, Songkick, and Topspin. First revealed at Midem 2012 this past weekend, the trio of new services provide a significant boost to Webdoc’s audio and music offering.

Since launching in December 2011, Webdoc has experienced great fan engagement. When British-Irish boy band One Direction asked their fans to wish happy birthday to group member Zayn Malik on Webdoc, within 48 hours more than 6,800 fans had created rich media posts to show their love; spending on average between 15 to 30 minutes on the page, while creating, consuming and looking for One Direction material online.



British jazz funk and acid jazz band Jamiroquai have experienced similar results, with the band’s Digital Manager Neil Carwright commenting, “As a fan engagement site it really surpassed my expectations. Engagement was far higher than I thought was possible.”

The social sound platform SoundCloud is now officially represented on Webdoc through a drag-and-drop widget. This allows users to incorporate SoundCloud tracks in their Webdocs, played via the HTML5 player.

Songkick allows fans to track their favorite artists’ live performances and to be the first to know when tickets go on sale. Performing musicians can now insert the new Songkick widget in to their Webdocs to sell tickets to their gigs and shows to the public (a nice way to create a digital flyer!).

Topspin is a direct to fan sales and marketing platform used by artists and filmakers to grow their online audiences and convert fans into customers. We here at Dotted Music were really excited about this particular integration, allowing Topspin users to insert various widgets inside Webdocs, but were a bit confused this morning, vainly trying to test the new feature. While it wasn’t a problem to connect a Topspin account and insert an E4M widget, for some reason it didn’t want to show up on the created Webdoc. Let us know in the comments if you have tried the same and it worked fine (or did not)!

Here’s a Topspin video, describing the integration with Webdoc:

And below are links to some of the recent Webdoc implementations: