Next SoundCloud: Creator

Next Soundcloud Launched For Everyone

‘Next’ launches to the public today, allowing the world to discover and connect with the largest community of music and audio creators.

Qusic: Keeping Tabs On Your Favourite Artists

Qusic hopes to to revolutionise the way people keep up with their favourite bands, enabling music lovers to track new releases by the artists they love at the click of a button.

Catching Up With Pro #DISCOUNT

Dotted Music is giving away 10 discount coupons for Pro.

An Exciting Musician’s Resource:

Sam Agini gives his take on, a tool for musicians to “create a slick, customized website that updates automatically”.

Vivendi Launches Music Industry Resource

Vivendi has launched an exciting new resource for aspiring music industry professionals and musicians.

REBEAT Digital In Royalty Accounting Tool Release

REBEAT has created a royalty accounting tool aimed at the industry’s record labels.