Catching Up With Pro #DISCOUNT

IIf you’re a regular reader of Dotted Music Blog, you’ll know that we’re big fans of If you’re not a regular reader, well, we suspect you’ll love this post anyway.

As you might know just by reading the name, is actually a tool for creating press kits for your band, or for yourself as a music industry professional. It’s quick and easy, and a damn good way of exchanging information on the web. If you need to facilitate networking, this is one tool that can do the job.

Following up on our previous post about, we’re in the privileged position of offering to you, our readers, a great deal, courtesy of

As you might know, is currently selling its Pro account at a price of $1.99 per month, but thanks to our relationship with the team over there, we’re able to offer 10 discount codes to Dotted Music’s 10 fastest readers to head over there.

The code will get you Pro for just $0.99 per month at the moment, and, when Presskit increase the price to $9.99 per month, you’ll be able to pick it up for just $4.99. That’s forever. Presskit ensure us that this price is for as long as you subscribe to Pro. So, you could have access to a great app for just $0.99 per month for the rest of your career.

The code is dottedmusic50 and it expires on 31 December 2012.

Head over here to register.