Qusic: Keeping Tabs On Your Favourite Artists

AA brand new tool will help music lovers keep track of their favourite artists’ new releases.

Qusic hopes to to revolutionise the way people keep up with their favourite bands, enabling music lovers to track new releases by the artists they love at the click of a button.

Qusic allows music fans to enter the names of artists they like, or new bands they’d like to hear more from. It then sends them an email when those artists release new music on Spotify in a similar manner to Songkick, but for songs instead of gigs.

With digital music sales last year up a staggering 24% on the previous year, Qusic hopes to capitalise on what it sees as the end of the days when music lovers would trawl the aisles of the local record shop.

By tapping into this trend, Qusic aims to satisfy the ever-growing demand from music fans for new releases from both new artists and established bands in the fast-changing online music world.

Qusic co-founder Nigel Purves

Qusic co-founder Nigel Purves said: “The dramatic shift from the record shop to the laptop in terms of how people discover music has led to a new generation of artists that are able to access their audience directly, without the need for the record company middle man.

“This has naturally caused a massive proliferation of new bands making great, groundbreaking music. Qusic takes the stress out of keeping track of new tunes released by your ever-expanding list of favourite artists, whether you’ve been a fan of them for years or you just caught the tail-end of their set by accident at a festival.”

Songkick, an app that helps music fans keep track of their favourite artists’ live shows, have praised Qusic’s “exciting integration” with their platform. “With every show and every release straight to your inbox, your journey to musical omniscience is complete!” they wrote in a recent blog post about Qusic.

At present Qusic tracks new Spotify releases in the UK only. However, in the near future it will expand both to the US & the rest of Europe, as well as offering integration with other music streaming platforms & mp3 download sites.

To try Qusic, visit qusic.co.uk.