REBEAT Digital In Royalty Accounting Tool Release

AA digital royalty accounting tool for record labels is set to take the music industry by storm.

Developed by REBEAT, REBEAT Digital Business enables record labels to take control of their finances in an efficient way.


The Business package is primarily marketed to record labels, providing accounting services concerning producers, authors and artists.

Aimed at reducing the time needed to process accounting data, the tool promises to provide accounting with “just one click of a mouse”.

In addition to their music distribution services, REBEAT Digital Business allows labels to import data from existing files into a database. The database acts as a reference point for labels, allowing them to forget about wasting time on entering existing data.

Having entered the necessary data, labels can execute its whole royalty accounting with one click of a mouse in desired time intervals; and if a label wants to add a personal touch to its statements, REBEAT Digital Business allows for customisation of the label layout-design for created statements.

Although REBEAT Digital promises to save time and costs, a pressing issue for labels is privacy. With so much of the music business relocating to the web, it’s important that the music business is secure – particularly if highly sensitive data, like accounting data, is involved. In the event, REBEAT states that “all royalty data, contractual conditions and rights holder details are stored on the labels’ local hard drive”, adding that the data is inaccessible even to REBEAT. That is a vital promise to all labels.

REBEAT even offers labels a backup facility via the REBEAT Digital server, with any such data being encrypted and available only to the labels after the correct submission of their own passwords.

With Facebook’s ubiquity, perhaps the buzzword on the web over the past few months is ‘timeline’, so it’s fitting that REBEAT, too, offers a timeline of their own, providing a graphical and statistical overview of sales data and royalties for every sold unit (including both downloads and streams).

REBEAT is proud to distance itself from web-based solutions, suggesting that it is through software based solutions that security can be made the priority.

Local storage of label data is, admittedly, an attractive prospect for labels, and REBEAT Digital Business looks to be the real deal.

Samuel Agini is the Editor of Andrew Apanov’s Dotted Music