Vivendi Launches Music Industry Resource

AA website launched earlier this year by Vivendi, the owner of Universal Music Group (UMG), provides access to resources valuable both to artists and industry professionals alike.

Claire Pesnel is business affairs at Mercury Music Group

Culture(s) with Vivendi – A Journey through Cultural Diversity aims to realise Vivendi’s sustainable development strategy, which is founded upon the following tenets:

  • To produce and distribute content.
  • To be at the core of the technological broadband and mobility evolutions.
  • To be centered on the subscription model,
  • To gain new markets in countries undergoing rapid growth.

The website provides valuable insight into careers in cultural and creative industries, while interviews with music industry professionals establish the site as a valuable resource for aspiring music industry professionals.

Visitors to the website will find links to sites where they can listen to music free of charge, the aim of which is to “facilitate access to knowledge, encourage the expression of talent and participation in cultural life, and promote a spirit of openness” as expounded under the conglomerate’s sustainable development strategy.

The site also looks to be an exciting place for artists of all musical backgrounds, and features no dearth of insightful background regarding artists like Salif Keita, PJ Harvey and Mika.

Samuel Agini is the Editor of Andrew Apanov’s Dotted Music