Musicians Are Less Producers Of Music Than Producers Of Culture #SAtN

YYesterday we ran a live premiere of the second issue of the Stand Above The Noise video interview series, the one with Stewart Walker, a techno producer and owner of Persona Records.

Stand Above The Noise

Stand Above The Noise

I was joined by Steve Mill from Believe Digital, an excerpt of that chat will be released on Dotted soon as well.

As for interview with Stewart, it was conducted in Berlin last Summer, and contains a bunch of thought-provoking quotes I want you to listen to and comment on below or on YouTube.

Stewart talks on why musicians are more creators of culture than music nowadays and shows us what a pain a distributor who went bankrupt can bring to a label owner.

Watch the 12min video and read the contents below for a feeling of what’s inside (and tweet the quotes!)

00:00:35 – Stewart Walker introduction
00:01:26 – “Musicians are less producers of music than producers of culture” (Tweet This)
00:02:05 – What you have to do to stay relevant
00:02:20 – “Social networks are great, fun, and really big waste of time”
00:03:01 – Nowadays “it’s not just the act of being a musician, but watching yourself being a musician in the public sphere” (Tweet This)
00:03:32 – “The skill of making music is not as necessary as the presentation”
00:04:01 – Advantages and disadvantages of the tech-driven world we live in
00:05:03 – “The general level of quality is increasing, but the general level of creativity may not be increasing at the same rate.” (Tweet This)
00:05:20 – Trends come and go
00:06:05 – The best way to make money for an electronic musician
00:06:49 – Issues with building a team?
00:08:05 – How you can lose a lot of money with physical distributors…
00:09:06 – In Stewart’s basement filled with thousands of vinyls of his label

Do you agree that musicians have become producers of culture and the act of creating music is not as important as before? What do you think?

Share your thoughts beneath the video or in the comments to this post!