Happy 2014!

I and the whole Dotted Music team join Hank in the congratulations and wish you a Happy New Year!

Light Up The Night: Collaboration, Causes, And A New Kind Of Platform

My name is Josh Urban, and I’m using my music and to make the holidays a bit brighter for people. In turn, it’s making my stage bigger, and getting far more people involved than I would have ever thought possible.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Music Lessons

Keeping all these parameters in mind, you must strive to get the most out of your music lessons.

Lee Safar Sells Single With Peanut Butter, Hits Back At EDM Snobbery

Australian singer/songwriter Lee Safar released her new single “Fallen” on December 10 through the purchase of Peanut Butter jars by Pic. Not without criticism, and now she responded back.

Has Pretty Lights Shown Indie Musicians The Way? #Opinion

Musicians and industry representatives answer the question: is the “Pretty Lights way” the answer to being discovered and promoting your music in today’s new musical paradigm?

Neil Gillis On The ‘Pretty Lights Way’

Pretty Lights is to be respected for having found a way that works for him and his family of artists. As a music publisher by trade, our “chain of causality” is a bit different, but does intersect with some of his ideas.