UK Music Festival Finder

To help those traveling to the UK decide which music festival they should check out, here’s an interactive guide that features the most popular events for all the different genres.

Pimp Your EPK [Free Webinar]

On Wednesday, April 10th, I’m hosting a free webinar called “Pimp Your EPK,” where will demonstrate you some very practical recommendations on improving your electronic press kit.

D2F Webinar

Going D2F To Sell Music Online [Free Webinar]

You’ve surely heard a lot about going “direct to fans” and building your own fanbase as, basically, the most reliable ways to establish your music career these days. But how exactly does it help you sell more music?

IC Virtual Music Conference and Expo

Indie Connect To Host IC Virtual Music Conference And Expo

Thousands of independent artists and songwriters are expected to attend the first “IC Virtual Music Conference and Expo”, an online music industry gathering from Feb. 26-28, 2013 (Tuesday-Thursday).