Light Up The Night: Collaboration, Causes, And A New Kind Of Platform

My name is Josh Urban, and I’m using my music and to make the holidays a bit brighter for people. In turn, it’s making my stage bigger, and getting far more people involved than I would have ever thought possible.

Has Pretty Lights Shown Indie Musicians The Way? #Opinion

Musicians and industry representatives answer the question: is the “Pretty Lights way” the answer to being discovered and promoting your music in today’s new musical paradigm?

Electronic Music Events Discovery With Beatguide #SAtN

Beatguide is a free service and mobile application helping to discover electronic music events in different cities across the globe.

Interview With ‘The Soundcloud Bible’ Author, Budi Voogt

To get answers to some of the most common questions about Soundcloud, we talked to Budi Voogt, the writer of the first ebook dedicated to Soundcloud promotion.


MUSO: Fighting Album Leaks

Dotted Music had a tete-a-tete with Andy Chatterley, a Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer, who founded MUSO, an online anti piracy company circa 2008.

Minimal Music Quiz

Minimal Music Quiz

Would you consider yourself a mainstream music maven? Do you swear to know the names of every artist and song, lyrics even, played on the top hits radio stations of yesterday and today?