Bobby Owsinski On What’s Getting Us Closer To ‘Music 4.0’ [Dotted Music Talks #01]

TThis is the first issue of the Dotted Music Talks podcast series: an interview with Bobby Owsinski, a music industry veteran and the author of “Music 3.0” and 16 other books on audio recording & mixing, and music business.



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Listen or download the recording below:

Have we passed the Music 3.0 mark yet? Not quite yet, and Bobby explains why in the interview – and clarifies what “Music 3.0” essentially means.

Whatever would happen that went beyond [what we have now], that would give us the next jump into Music 3.5 or Music 4.0. Right now, we are incrementally drifting up to Music 3.0. We are getting better at communicating directly.

Will we see “Music 4.0” anytime soon though?

There are things that are happening right now that might take us further. The digital wallet, for instance, or using your phone as a ticket.

We are starting to see better bandwidth, I think it will change a lot in how we market, in how we deliver things (especially music), and it will become a turning point when it becomes very widespread.

Bobby on if the music should be free:

I believe that you should give away music for free, especially if you are an artist just starting out. I would be very pleased if someone thought highly enough to pirate my music.

To think that you are giving away a lot by making your music free – it’s really not the case. You don’t make that much [by selling music], and you never did. Think of it as marketing.

On musicians’ marketing challenges:

Let’s face it, it takes a lot of time to be good at your art, to create art. Artists are asked to tweet, do blog posts, work on their website, but most of the time it’s not that they don’t want to do it, it’s that they can’t do it because they run out of time. … One of the things that I try to teach people is that you can do both, but you have to be efficient at it.

Listen to the whole interview for Bobby’s social media management tools of choice, recommendations on the best times to tweet, to learn when it is a good time to hire a marketing team, what are the two things every creative person has to embrace, and how to differentiate personal from professional when using social networks.

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