Minimal Music Quiz

WWould you consider yourself a mainstream music maven? Do you swear to know the names of every artist and song, lyrics even, played on the top hits radio stations of yesterday and today? If so, all of us here at Dotted Music would be super curious to hear how you do after taking The Minimal Music Quiz created by Concert Hotels.

Displaying a series of posters, the quiz prompts you to guess the song title and artist based off of the visual cues provided in the image. For example, can you guys what song is being depicted by an image of a purple rain cloud placed over a lavender background? Okay, calm down Prince fans, that one is easy! How about a visual of a white, tangled string placed over a bright blue background? Not as easy as it sounds, right?

Go ahead and test out the quiz below to see the rest of the images that are depicted. Remember, the various songs span many different genres and time periods, so don’t get stuck in one particular decade or song category. SPOILER ALERT: if you find yourself stuck, you can easily cheat and check out the answers here. Good luck, musical mavericks!

Check out The Minimal Music Quiz below and click here for the full version.

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