Moozar: Get The Link, Share It, Reward The Music

AA new web business model for music artists, record labels and the rest of the music industry will try to revolutionise the way we pay for music online., a web business model that allows artists to be directly rewarded wherever their songs are played, will enable the user to post links to different social networks, including Facebook, Soundcloud and YouTube, in the form of a ‘reward link’. Now that your YouTube and Soundcloud videos and music files include a reward link, music fans across the world will be able to financially reward you every time your music is shared.

By utilising this system of reward links, Moozar enables users to show their appreciation of a song by posting a link to the song. However, the reward link is no ordinary link. When the content is played by your friends, or even shared by them, the reward link will allow users of the Moozar service to show their support for artists by way of a financial reward.

Moozar hopes that artists will make use of their method of financial remuneration, and it no doubt presents a powerful tool to music artists who either enjoy a strong online following or those who wish to develop one.

With the music industry suffering from traditional methods of making revenue, such as a reliance upon the number of sales or downloads made multiplied by the retail price, Moozar is the latest service to attempt to take advantage of the gap in the market for new business models.

Moozar’s slogan – Get the link, Share it, Reward the music – simplifies the process. It’s undeniably catchy, and putting this kind of revenue potential into the hands of musicians is beneficial to everyone.

However, Moozar‘s marketing lexicon could be what makes or breaks its value. Although rewarding musicians sounds appealing, it could be interpreted as having a slightly pretentious or lofty ring to it. Nonetheless, the message is clear: this service isn’t about turning a profit or exploiting people. It’s about establishing a connection between artists and their fans. A reward is the most apt term for what fans want to do. Moozar’s terminology is a reflection of the growing sentiment of unwillingness to pay for just anything. Music consumers are becoming more and more difficult to please, their pockets stretched and their ears saturated with more music than ever before. Illegal downloading is ubiquitous, the idea of digital theft ignored the world over, and the music industry’s tried and trusted business models are under serious scrutiny, no matter how many sales iTunes makes. Moozar’s terminology of rewards is a reflection of all this, and long may music services reflect the market in which they operate.

Registration on Moozar is undeniably free and easy, with no arduous uploading time delays because the music feeds are already available on users’ YouTube/Soundcloud channels. Meanwhile, the service collects vital statistics about the artists’ music, and is easily available to “any artist, band, label, producer, composer, author, publisher, performer, video director, comedian or even cook… who owns a channel on YouTube, Soundcloud, Dailymotion or Vimeo”. Conveniently, Moozar provides widgets that are fully compatible with all the standard (and some not so standard) social networks and media.

How do you share the cash?

The artist always get at least 80% of the Reward. The ones who post the artist’s “Reward link” gets 20%:

When the fan reaches the cart through a “Reward link” originated by your admin interface, or a banner posted on the website registered during inscription,you get 100% of the collected amount.

When the fan reaches the cart through a “Reward link” originated by a suscribe Partner, you get 80% of the collected amount and Partner receives 20%

When the fan reaches the cart through a “Reward link” originated by the “tab: Library”, you get 80% of the collected amount and Moozar receives 20%

So, although Moozar comes with a recommendation, we can’t emphasise strongly enough just how vital it is to read the terms and conditions of any music service.