How To Expand Your Twitter Audience: Tips For Musicians

TTwitter is one of the most important tools you can use to promote your music and your brand. With the stroke of 140 characters you can keep your fans engaged, informed and ready to spread your music, photos and show dates to all their friends and fellow tweeters.

Twitter has outlined a set of guidelines titled Twitter For Musicians and Artists. You can find this on the Twitter Developers site. Twitter outlines the importance of leveraging their marketing tool efficiently while providing pointers for entrepreneurial musicians and bands.


Twitter Music

They touch on a variety of topics:

  • Sound and Vision
  • Empowering the Artist’s Voice
  • Connecting with Fans
  • Live-tweet Events
  • Tips for Running Band Accounts

Musicians no longer have to rely on the local publications and posters on venue walls to reach their audiences. They build lists of fans using many different types of social media. Twitter is one of the most powerful. Twitter allows Artists and Music Brands to speak directly to their fans while branching out through a network of music lovers. What is the value to that? It allows the artist to connect to their fans on more emotional level. Something happens when a listener connects with music. They relate to the lyrics, the tempo, the orchestration or even a memory brought on by what is flowing through their ears. When you combine that with a personality, a glimpse into the personal life of the artist and a variety of show promotions, new songs, and quirky quips, you have found a form of entertainment and inspiration that is all your own. And that can be priceless.

Twitter is offering musicians, artists and music brands a chance to expand their audiences by offering them $50 Twitter Ads credit. Twitter Ads gives music makers and brands the power to target your message to customers when it its most relevant and top of mind. You can target Twitter users by their interests and conversations they are having.

Reach the fans that are listening to and promoting similar artists. Direct new fans to your music and website. Simply click here to apply for your free $50 Twitter advertising credit.

When you connect with your fans, you create a foundation that will show up to buy tickets to your live shows. They will spend money on your t-shirts, stickers and CDs. Most of all, they will connect and support what counts the most – the music.

Dave Tamkin has acquired more than fifteen years of music industry experience including networking, branding, and promotions through touring nationally as a singer/songwriter. This experience fueled Dave’s passion to help musicians monetize their crafts. In 2008, Dave launched Head Above Music, an online community geared toward musicians helping musicians. To learn more, head over to and