6 Tips To Start A Successful Music Blog In 2013

IIn the last couple of years, the music industry has changed. From artistes discovered online to online album launches, consumers have begun to appreciate the changing world of music.

If you would have started music blogging few years back, it would have been easier but now, there is a lot more competition and therefore, starting a music blog and making it authoritative is complicated and time consuming.

The trick is to know what you’re doing and focus on a specific issue. I give you 7 actionable tips to start a successful music blog in 2013.

1. Stand Apart from the Rest

Analyze the purpose of starting a music blog. Is it just for spending some time online or you want some benefit out of it?

Secondly, what can you contribute to the music industry which others are not able to? Or even if they are, it is not that effective.

If you wish to have a blog that is similar to thousands of others already crowding the music blogosphere, don’t even bother!

Image credit: lambertwm on Flickr

Image credit: lambertwm on Flickr

2. Pump out Creative Juices

Days when music blogs would post songs and videos with one-line descriptions are over. Some blogs still follow this format but they won’t suffer because they are already established. If you just want to embed songs, why would people come to your blog? They will rather go to YouTube.

Therefore, before starting a music blog, think about how to make it creative. You need to draw a six month plan jotting down all the creative write-ups and ways to make the blog more interactive for the audience.

3. You need Consistency

Whoever says music blogging easy is lying. Blogging is a grind and will easily consume all your free hours. Are you ready to give such kind of commitment and maintain consistency?

Music blogging is different from other blogging niches. This is an every evolving field. Do you have the kind of time to capture music related news for your blog? Do you have the budget to create a team of bloggers?

Music is an industry which depends on content freshness. Will you be able to keep up with the times or just wither away?

Photo credit: kristapalmu on Flickr

Photo credit: kristapalmu on Flickr

4. Network with other Music Bloggers

You definitely cannot survive all alone. You need to be an active participant in the music blogging community and engage with other bloggers.

In other words, you need to network and market your music blog. Guest blogging, interviews, consulting, joint ventures are some ways to achieve this. Sign up on music forums, get others to write on your blog, spend time known established music bloggers will take you forward.

Again, all this requires time commitment on your part. Are you ready for this?

5. Spread out on Social Media

Everyone, from individual bloggers to big companies, everyone is jumping on the social media bandwagon to maximize its traffic building potential. Being a music blogger, you need traffic so don’t leave out social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Facebook and others.

It becomes very easy to connect with people with similar interests on social networks. Start conversations, participate in them, brainstorm ideas and actualize them on the music blog.

6. Host a Blog

While there are free resources to start a blog like Weebly.com and Tumblr.com, you won’t have full control over them. If they decide to shut down, all your hard work vanishes.

Therefore, buy hosting and domain ASAP. You will have full control over the site and its features. You don’t need technical expertise to use blogging platforms like WordPress but if you are a complete newbie, check out the platforms and their forums.


A music blog depends on creativity. If you don’t lack in creativity, you have higher chances of taking it to the next level and build an authority blog on music and reap its benefits.

Satish is an experienced blogger and currently owns eMoneyBlog, which features in-depth resources on niche blogging and making money online.