Music Industry

Has Pretty Lights Shown Indie Musicians The Way? #Opinion

Musicians and industry representatives answer the question: is the “Pretty Lights way” the answer to being discovered and promoting your music in today’s new musical paradigm?

A Brief History Of Irish Music: From Ancient Hymns To Today’s Popular Folk Rock

Since most of the articles on the Dotted Music blog have been addressing the business and marketing aspects of the music industry, we thought of expanding to a new series of posts covering different facets music.


What Makes Music ‘Mastered For iTunes’ More Special?

Many consumers share the view that music in digital format is a transitional result of compromised quality. What more can we expect from the convenience its existence brings?

Neil Gillis

Neil Gillis Of Round Hill Music On Daft Punk, Chris Caswell And Electronic Publishing

Round Hill Music has the honor of being the publishing partner of Chris Caswell. His work spans genres and decades. For today’s purposes, let’s focus on his current work with Daft Punk.

CBGB Festival 2013

Digital Culture For Artists: #ArtistEngage Video Series

You can watch the video recordings from the #ArtistEngage Series, which focused on some of the rising industry tech topics that the conferences going on at the CBGB Festival will cover, here.

A Guide To PRS For DJs

The majority of DJs write their own music these days, but how many of them consider themselves “songwriters”?