Birdman And Slim Sign Country Singer Sarah Lenore

BBirdman has been long known to spend large amounts of money while people have sat and scratched their heads. For example, Birdman spent $15 Million on his house in Miami Beach alone. However, a recent move that has left some scratching their heads may prove advantageous to his label as Birdman and Slim has signed former America’s Got Talent finalist Sarah Lenore to a contract.

The deal was announced last week and saw Lenore become part of the YMCMB family with acts like Drake, Lil Wayne, and Limp Bizkit. In addition, she penned a deal with Money Mack Music publishing company, a deal that will see her music publicized worldwide.

Sarah Lenore

Sarah Lenore

What is interesting about this signing, and making some wonder if Birdman has really flew the coop, is that Lenore is a country singer and his brand is primarily hip-hop. However, the move could prove to be a genius move as this will not allow the brand to expand into a genre of music that would not have been expected from a company that primarily focuses on hip hop.

Of the signing, Lenore stated that “Over the past few years I have had the chance to sign with different record labels – but I held off, hoping for that perfect opportunity. My patience paid off when the perfect opportunity came by way of Cash Money Records. I cannot think of a better way to introduce myself to the music industry than to sign to the most powerful and influential independent label in the music industry. The chance to work with Birdman and Slim and have access to their professional team and resources is both a dream and a reward.

Birdman is clearly excited about the deal. He stated that “Sarah is a star in every sense of the word. She is a strong performer, has a beautiful voice and lights up the room. My brother Slim and I have big plans for her. She is glamorous, but also very much the girl next door, and very relatable.

If the signing of Lenore proves successful, it could prompt other specialty companies to move in an atypical direction. In the short term, Lenore’s success on AGT will help her records sales. Beyond that, she will have to work hard to prove that Birdman was correct in going out on a limb and signing her.