How To Get Press Coverage For Your Music? #Webinar

TThere are three key reasons for this webinar. First – I get asked the question you see in the title of this post a lot. Second – I find too many examples of how musicians do it wrong, daily. Even the Dotted Music inbox is regularly flooded by terrible pitches. Third – while working at Ultimate Guitar and receiving up to a hundred press releases and pitches every day, I learnt something about approaching media and want to share my knowledge.

The online seminar, called “How to Get Press Coverage for Your Music?” will be held on December 19th, at 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm GMT, and you can register now at

It will be packed with examples of how to not do media outreach, tips on approaching press so that someone actually writes about you, and on how to make blogs and magazines care about what you do.

I’ve also recorded a short video invitation, watch it by clicking the image below:

Webinar announcement

Click the image above to watch the video and sign up for the webinar

The recording of the webinar may be available for a day in case you can’t attend (we understand that the time doesn’t work for everyone, especially depending on your location), but it will be removed afterwards.

The room will also be limited to 50 people maximum, so please make sure to sign up now and be on the webinar on time. See you there!

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“How to Get Press Coverage for Your Music?” Free webinar!