Swapdjs Crowdfunds For Its Online DJ Exchange Service

SSwapdjs, a free online exchange community for DJs & music producers, is running an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign (to be closed on September 3nd). Swapdjs gives DJs and music producers the chance to swap gigs and studios worldwide. According to the press release, by creating an online profile, DJs and producers can “connect with like-minded artists, find inspiration, meet people, play, travel, and promote.”



The service was set up to give DJs and producers career independence and the potential for global exposure. The site hopes to foster artistic collaboration and grassroots networking between like-minded artists all over the world.

Swapdjs is built on the principle of sharing, both culturally and artistically. Users will host DJs and, in return, be hosted themselves. Give a gig, get a gig – they are only limited by how much they are willing to share.

The crowdfunding campaign is nearing its completion and Dotted Music calls up all DJs out there to consider pledging. Plenty of perks are up for grabs for those who give funds: along with early access to the site, there is a wide variety of DJ-inspired merchandise including stylish Swapdjs T-shirts, hats, logo stickers for Technics turntables and Traktor X-1 DJ controllers, and a vinyl record wall clock.

Find out more at the Indiegogo page here.