Partners With Berklee Center In LA, the portfolio web app designed to help musicians better position themselves for professional career opportunities, has partnered with the Berklee Center in Los Angeles to build the Career Opportunity Platform. This custom solution enables alumni coordinators to notify alums of career-advancing opportunities in the entertainment capital of the world.

The Career Opportunity Platform provides the Berklee Center in LA with the tools to locate, sort, and submit qualified alumni as candidates for exclusive, top-tier job opportunities that continuously come across their desks from esteemed industry employers looking to recruit Berklee alumni.

Providing Berklee alumni with professional portfolios that each feature multiple projects and skill sets equips them to target opportunities with relevant information and media, which can increase their chance for successful employment. These Presskits feed into a database that Berklee’s west coast alumni rep, Justine Taormino, uses to locate, sort, and connect alumni to the great opportunities available on the custom Berklee LA Opp. Board.

There is no cost to the alumni at any point in the process.

Additionally, the Presskits that Berklee alumni build as part of the Career Opportunity Platform can be used outside of the program, allowing alumni to share their ‘kits with other music professionals and secure outstanding opportunities on their own.

An example Berklee Alum Presskit can be found here.

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