Radical.FM Launches Streaming Radio iOS App

RRadical.FM has announced the U.S. launch of its new music streaming service including features like ‘Custom Genres’ and ‘Unblock’, and what they call “the most comprehensive library in the industry.” Powered by a 25-million-song catalogue, Radical includes online rarities like The Beatles, AC/DC, and Bob Seger, all expertly curated into logical genres. A unique mixer allows users to tune personal stations to reflect their musical tastes. The Radical.FM app is now available for free download in the iTunes store.

Radical (Station View)

Radical (Station View on Android)

While competitors were founded by technicians or musicians who wanted to bring music into the digital era, Radical was conceived by seasoned FM radio professionals who know that humans are better than algorithms at choosing your favorite songs,” said Radical.FM CEO and Founder Thomas McAlevey. “Radical combines professional curation with your own hand-picked ‘Custom Genres’ to provide you with the most accurate personalized radio service in the world.

The company claim to expand on the vision begun with Tomsradio.com in Sweden back in 1999, reflecting the knowledge gained from over a decade of refining the ultimate user-focused music service.

An interesting thing about Radical is that it is also a corporation with a conscience, believing in a sustainable planet, global humanity, local action, and the universal right to a quality musical experience. Radical.FM is operated free of commercial interests on a ‘Pay What You Can’ basis, and the service includes informative Station IDs with integrated prompts for PayPal-based donations. Users contribute to Radical’s efforts to remain commercial-free indefinitely, but regardless of donations Radical.FM compensates artists, composers, and labels for every song streamed.

Find out more at Radical.FM.