We Want Shows: New Online Tool Helps Finding Shows

WWe Want Shows is the brainchild of Matt Sparks, Musician, Developer and Designer from Lexington, KY, who promises to alleviate problems finding shows-related information online through this tool.

Bands and musicians who want to communicate their shows across the USA can choose from a listing of 160+ cities to facilitate effective and transparent communication. Account creation procedures are omitted giving a quick and easy platform to view, reply or post events.


We Want Shows

The site design is very minimal, keeping the essentials right at the front welcoming the visitor with an interactive map of the USA and the listings of the states and cities that can avail this service. The tag line is – “Connect with other bands and trade shows“. The how it works explanation is in a comic book style 4 part drawing, detailing the steps – create, confirm email, wait and get replies. Posting or replying to a post involves filling a web form and a capcha, providing only your email address for confirmation.

A con that comes to mind is that while bots won’t be breaking the capchas so soon, the potential for such an open forum to be abused with redundant posts might be a hitch in the process of providing an easy user experience. However, that’s being a little too paranoid.

Looks like an app with a good potential, what do you think?