Digital Music Trends’ Andrea Leonelli From Berlin Music Week #SAtN

AAndrea Leonelli, the founder of the Digital Music Trends podcast, gave us an interview at this year’s WORD! Conference (which is a part of Berlin Music Week), where he hosted a panel with Eric Mackay from VEVO.

In the video, Andrea comments on the latest industry trends in Germany and how they affect an independent musician.

Also covered in the conversation was VEVO and their relationship with GEMA and other companies, streaming services, and why every artist should make their music available on Spotify.

00:00:34 – Andrea Leonelli and Digital Music Trends introduction
00:01:01 – How the current growth and trends of the music industry affect an indie artist
00:02:22 – Key takeaways of the VEVO panel
00:03:59 – “Streaming services are essential part of the music business”
00:06:13 – “Every artist should be on Spotify”
00:07:12 – Andrea’s advice to independent musicians

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