How To Reach More Fans With Shazam #SAtN

IIn this special Stand Above The Noise episode from Berlin Music Week’s WORD! conference, Jonathan Davies, a Music Partnerships Manager at Shazam Entertainment, explains how the world’s most popular music recognition service works, how its database is being updated and how it helps musicians sell more music.

In just one year Shazam generates $300 million in digital sales, primarily through iTunes. In the interview Jon talked on that, Shazam’s partners, his take on streaming services, new developments and ways to be heard in the first place.

One of the Shazam updates mentioned in the interview was released yesterday: users can now mention friends and places when share tagged songs to Facebook via an iOS app.

Watch the full interview below:

00:00:33 – Jon Davies introduction
00:00:38 – The ways the Shazam database is updated
00:01:59 – Key partners of Shazam
00:02:32 – How well Shazam works with detecting dance / electronic music tracks
00:03:04 – Shazam’s TV integration
00:04:09 – Jon’s opinion on streaming services
00:05:05 – What’s coming next for Shazam
00:05:55 – Tips on being discovered

Watch this space for more interviews from Berlin Music Week 2013.