The Challenges Of An Indie Musician #SAtN

WWhat challenges indie musicians face these days? Piracy, copyrights, streaming, royalties, social networks, competition, labels, networking… if you are an artist, you will agree that there are many.

Such things have traditionally been misunderstood by listeners, and it’s interesting that even people working in the music business forget what worries musicians sometimes.

This was a main topic in the Dotted Music’s discussion with Reimut Van Bonn, a former representative of VUT (German Association Of Independent Music Companies) and an indie musician himself. Watch the video, a part of the Stand Above The Noise series, below:

00:00:54 – Keeping the rights to your music.
00:01:46 – Social media: the good and the bad.
00:03:40 – The way music is discovered these days.
00:04:56 – A listener doesn’t understand how music world works.
00:05:39 – The challenges of making a professional music career.
00:08:11 – Two things to succeed in music.
00:10:30 – The music industry is changing.

Do these points sound familiar, or surprising? Let us know in the comments!