Has Pretty Lights Shown Indie Musicians The Way? #Opinion

Musicians and industry representatives answer the question: is the “Pretty Lights way” the answer to being discovered and promoting your music in today’s new musical paradigm?

Neil Gillis On The ‘Pretty Lights Way’

Pretty Lights is to be respected for having found a way that works for him and his family of artists. As a music publisher by trade, our “chain of causality” is a bit different, but does intersect with some of his ideas.

Clyde Smith On The ‘Pretty Lights Way’

Pretty Lights employs a specific bundle of tactics including giving away all one’s music for free, connecting directly to fans via social media, offering fans the opportunity to pay and focusing on live shows.

Loren Weisman On The ‘Pretty Lights Way’

The basic elements of the Pretty Lights approach is great and each aspect can be applied to artists, but it has to be applied in specified ways to make sure you garner the results you are looking for.

Music Business – Is It Music Or Business (Or Both)?

The internet has certainly changed many things, and the largest impact has been on the music business. If we listen to the record labels then apparently the music business is facing Armageddon, but is it possible for an artist to make it? Or has the Internet killed it all off?

What Do You Have To Offer? #Discussion

“What do you have to offer?” is not the question you have to answer only at a job interview or while making a sales pitch. It is a question you have to ask yourself and answer while dealing with every single person you come in contact with.