Gospel Musician On Artist-Fan Relationship: In Gospel, It’s More Than Just About The Music

TToday I have stumbled upon an interesting video interview by Johnson Fabre, which is a part of his “The Talent Is You” series. The interview is with Tibob de Nazareth, a Haitian gospel artist.

In the video Tibob talks on how he found himself in this music and what makes gospel different from other genres he worked in.

The musician says that fans of a gospel artist are not interested only in music, they care about the person behind the music project just as much. This made me think that maybe it’s not that much because of the religious connection between a fan and a gospel artist, but the fact that the music genre is very niche. The more “mainstream” an artist is, the more she is relied on new music as the main form of content.

This said, in niche electronic music genres, for example, you will be forgotten pretty quickly if you don’t put out any records for a long period of time.

So is there a pattern at all?

Watch the video interview below (part 2 is yet to be released) and let me know what you think on the subject in the comments below!

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