S3stat For Podcast Analytics

While Amazon S3 (which we use for the WeSpin Recipes podcast) is great and affordable, there were certain stats that we wanted to know. How do listeners access the podcast? From what browsers or apps? Here’s the solution we have found.

Using Casinos As A Springboard For Your Music Career

Making a name for yourself is all about exposure, and when it comes to exposure, booking gigs is still of paramount importance.

Bandsintown Manager Has Some New, Funky Features

Bandsintown has some new features for their free mobile app (iOS and Android) for touring artists – Bandsintown Manager – and they are both exciting and innovative.

Fan Engagement Faculty

After years of working with artists, I’ve learnt what stops them from building big and engaged audiences online. Here’s the answer, and a solution.

Management In Music: The Different Roles

Management In Music: The Different Roles

The career of an entertainer is multi-faceted and requires expertise from a handful of different mangers that handle the management of music, tours, business, production, tech, and road.

JTV Digital Founder Talks Music Distribution Trends #Podcast

MGT22: Music Distribution Advice – Jeremie Varengo (JTV Digital)

Jeremie Varengo is a founder of JTV Digital, a music distribution company. We talked about the latest news in the distribution world, new platforms, monetising YouTube videos and more.