An Audiophile’s Guide To The Best Headphones

IIt sounds so simple but when it comes to the task of picking the right headphones making the correct decision can make all the difference. As always when it comes to making a purchase you need to consider a few things, such as the price and practicality of the product, whether or not it will suit your needs and if it is compatible with other products or technologies that you have.

Currently the headphone market is well catered for and the uniqueness of using a standardised fitting means that they will work will other technologies. There are reports that following a deal between Beats and Apple there may be a new cable and adaptor on the market, meaning that devices may not be transferable, but fear not the Cable Company could advise you on this further. Here are the top 5 headphones currently on the market:

ADL H118

ADL H118

5. Alpha Design Labs (Furutech) H118 Headphones£157 – If its value for money that you are looking for then look no further that these. The triform earcups provide a superior seal over the ears and offer improved bass response compared to similarly priced headphones. Lightweight and with a low headband pressure most users note just how comfortable these are to wear. In terms of performance they are more than capable of offering quality sound over a range of frequencies, (20Hz – 20KHz).

4. Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones£290 – Over the years the technology team at Sennheiser have worked tirelessly to produce the very best audio equipment on the market. From a price point theses particular headphones offer the best all-round value on the market. Coming in at just under £300 these top of the range, dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones are extremely comfortable and exceptionally light in thanks to a range of kevlar and aluminium components.

3. Fostex TH600 Headphones£583 – Fostex have done it again, they’ve produced another piece of flawless technology in the form of their TH600 headphones and these are certain to follow in the footsteps of the TH900’s which were released in March 2012. The TH900 went on to become some of the best selling, premium headphones in the world and the latest offering with their bio-dynamic 50mm diaphragm and super-powerful 1 tesla magnetic circuit offer sensational sound quality should repeat this.

Audeze LCD-3

Audeze LCD-3

2. Audeze LCD-3 Headphones£1136 – Aside from the superior sound quality that these headphones offer it is clear from the moment you cast your eyes on them that style is important. The look of natural wood is a thing of beauty and when incorporated within technology the earthy warmth mixed with cold metals makes for a visual masterpiece. Fitted with the softest lambskin earpads these headphones could just be this years biggest and most important accessory.

1. Abyss AB-1266 Headphones£3210 – Without question these headphones can feel rightly entitled to be considered as the best on the market. Reflecting on the price these headphones are a serious investment and are likely to be found in a top of the range recording studio. The tough aluminium ‘skeleton’ frame provides rigidity and prevents vibration or friction, meaning that the clarity of high resolution, digital music is simply stunning. These lightweight headphones offer a frequency response range of between 5Hz and 28KHz and block out over 99.8% of distortion making them a near faultless unit.


  • Merse

    I have to say if I was splashing out lottery win money on headphones I’d go for the Audeze on looks alone :) Those Abyss cans are Abyss-mal looking!

    For listening to MP3 though I’ll stick to my Beats Pro and Sol Republic Master Tracks for now ;-)

  • Haha, I fully agree, they look amazing :) I go with a very budget Pioneer ones myself, but wouldn’t mind a fancy upgrade… sometime. In the future.