Content Lockers & Like Gates: Free Video Guide

BBudi Voogt, the founder of Heroic Recordings and author of The Soundcloud Bible, has recorded a detailed video tutorial for We Spin, on Content Lockers and Like Gates.

Give away content you have and get people to exchange something via social platforms, e.g. an email address, a Facebook share, or a Tweet.

For the detailed instructions on how to do that, watch the free 30 minutes long video at this location or by clicking the image below!

Content Lockers

From Budi’s blog post on free giveaways:

With the recent changes in the music industry, digital is quickly overtaking physical. Downloads are the future, and particularly free downloads are more common than ever. It’s what gets the fans going, and makes the bloggers happy. Free content is trending.

Now that the barriers for producing quality music are lower than ever, the competition is incredibly fierce. That emphasizes the need to consistently push out new content, much more so than in the early days, when an album a year was a reasonable pace. If you do not have the marketing machine and resources of a label or other strong party behind you, you’ll need to push out a lot of music on the regular to maintain momentum and grow your audience. The alternative is getting snowed under by the competition’s offering.

Giving away free music is a great way to do this.

Watch the video for free here.