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Management In Music: The Different Roles

Management In Music: The Different Roles

The career of an entertainer is multi-faceted and requires expertise from a handful of different mangers that handle the management of music, tours, business, production, tech, and road.

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Hip-Hop: Marketability Like No Other

Years of trends, crazes and interaction between hip-hop and fashion industries has cemented hip-hop fashion as a legitimate branch of the clothing industry.

Untapped Potential: Alternative Income Streams For Musicians

Making a living from art, it’s what every musician wants. A difficult task, that often takes a long time. Becoming successful in the music industry is a marathon, not a sprint.


Business And Pleasure – Who Will Win?

Artists are mostly dreamers who work with business men and women who are realists. What can one expect from a marriage between a dreamer and a realist? Business or pleasure?


The N.E.R.D Of The Music Fashion Industry

Hip-hop has endured a turbulent love affair with fashion, with years of examples gone by of how the two can marry perfectly or get it horribly wrong.

Using Your Education To Build Your Music Business

The typical musician, especially the type of independent musician who is trying to make a career without signing to a record label, has a career that goes a little bit like this…