The History Of Listening: From Vinyl To Digital

TThe way that we listen to music sure has changed over the years! There are kids alive today that do not even know what a vinyl record is! To this generation, music is something you download onto your iPod. It is not something tangible that can be held in your hands. In the last century, our relationship with music has changed so much and a large amount of that can be put down to the changes in how we listen to music.

Think for a moment about how your grandparents listened to music. They probably had to go out to listen to live music if they wanted to listen. Then, think about how you grew up listening to your parents’ vinyl records before finally getting your own cassette tapes and compact discs. Then, think of your kids who have probably never seen music in any other format except for MP3s and music videos on YouTube. This evolution of music formats is discussed in a new infographic titled ‘The history of listening: From Vinyl to Digital’ (source).

The infographic presents an informative timeline beginning with the invention of the phonograph in 1877, moving through the first licensed radio broadcasts in the 1920’s and all the way through to the musical powerhouse that is iTunes. It even takes a look at the future of listening to music with some of the latest gadgets! Check out the infographic below.

The History of Listening: From Vinyl To Digital