Creating an EP in 24 Hours

Creating An EP In 24 Hours

24HR Records, a new recording project based in Nashville, challenges 3 musicians who have never met before to write, record, and produce 3 new songs in 24 hours. The 3 hand-picked musicians and the team of producers work through the day and night to create a 3-song EP.

Soundcloud Rolls Out A New iOS App

Today SoundCloud is releasing a brand new iOS app, which is a long-awaited update, mainly targeted at listeners (which also benefits creators).

Beatguide Now Allows DJs To Be Booked Straight From The App

The Berlin-based electronic music event platform is launching in Stockholm and adds exciting new features.

Musicmetric’s Latest Features Help Better Locate Fans And Identify Trends

Tools to discover future hit makers, locate fans via Twitter and automatically analyse performance are at the heart of a features overhaul unveiled for Musicmetric at MIDEM last month.

We Spin

We Spin Launches In Beta

Without much noise and no public announcements, during the lazy busy holiday period last month, we launched We Spin – a “secret” (aight, not so) project, over a year in the works.