We Spin Launches In Beta

WWithout much noise and no public announcements, during the lazy busy holiday period last month, we launched We Spin – a “secret” (aight, not so) project, over a year in the works.

Essentially, We Spin is a music business and marketing educational platform and community for electronic artists. Or, even simpler, a membership website with video and text courses, forum and other cool features.

We Spin


The We Spin knowledge is applicable to non-electronic artists, however everyone who is in electronic music will benefit from 100% of the features (like a potential release on We Spin Records or access to the members-only promo pool).

I can keep going trying to describe what We Spin is, but better simply check the website here.

There is currently no public sign up link, while we are in the “Beta” mode. If you are interested it learning more, fill out a simple two-minute questionnaire at wespin12.com/quiz. I will personally get back to you with more details. You can also watch a video from the Quiz page below:

Expect a number of big developments here at Dotted Music, all related to We Spin!