MGT15: How Resident Advisor Fights Ticket Scalping – Nick Sabine

NNick Sabine is a co-founder of Resident Advisor (also known as RA), one of the world’s biggest online electronic music magazines and communities – with offices in London, Berlin, Ibiza and Tokyo, over 2.3 million monthly readers and a fully translated Japanese version of the website.

In this We Spin Recipes podcast interview, Nick talked on the RA’s recent complete overhaul, as well as their new fan-to-fan ticket exchange system that aims to eliminate ticket touting and provide a secure way for music fans to buy unwanted tickets to sold-out events. Nick commented on the overall state of ticketing, and why their fair solution is not as desired by big ticketing corporations.

Some of the topics covered in the conversation:


Resident Advisor's Co-Founder Nick Sabine On The State Of Ticketing And Fighting Scalpers #Podcast

Nick Sabine

  • What RA is these days compared to what it was when it was started.
  • How the dance music scene has changed in the last decade.
  • The key features of RA.
    Behind-the-scenes of the recent RA redesign.
  • The problem of ticket scalping in the EDM market.
  • RA’s solution to fight ticket scalping.
  • Why other ticketing companies may not be interested in applying the same solution.
  • How to differentiate yourself from other in the music industry.

Listen to the episode below

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Show Notes: