MGT19: Market Research For Musicians – Alex Mitchell (Audiokite)

AAlex Mitchell is a co-founder of a service that solves an important problem in the music industry: gathering an objective feedback on one’s music. While there are several companies working on this already, Audiokite has a different approach, and in this WeSpin Recipes podcast interview Alex explains it all.

In the episode, he talked on why looking in the past and asking music professionals to understand if your song has a hit potential are two bad approaches, why being open to criticism is important, and listed new features of the platform. Alex clarified how Audiokite works in the first place, as well.

Some of the topics covered in the conversation:

 Audiokite CEO Alex Mitchell On How Music Market Research Is Done #Podcast

Alex Mitchell

  • What is Audiokite?
  • Different approaches to market research and predicting hits.
  • How Amazon Mechanical Turk works.
  • Who the respondents are: location, demographics etc.
  • What genres are supported.
  • Overview of the reports’ sections.
  • The security aspect of Audiokite.

Listen to the episode below:

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Show Notes: