Fanu: Do What You Do, Don’t Give Up #SAtN

TThis is a conversation with Fanu, a.k.a. FatGyver (real name Janne Hatula), a jungle and hip hop producer from Helsinki. The Dotted Music followers know his music well, as we’ve been using Fanu’s tracks in the Stand Above The Noise trailer, the series’ intro and outro, as well as the Music Growth Talks podcast.

The format of this video interview, filmed in Helsinki in Spring 2012, is different from our other episodes, and the content differs a bit as well. It’s simply inspiring. A real chat with a real musician, who has built a name for himself, but is still struggling to make a living only making music. But he does not give up.

Every musician watching this video will find interesting thoughts in here. Find out more about Fanu at and follow him on Twitter!