SynchTank: Streamlining The Sync Pitching Process #SAtN

AAnother Stand Above The Noise episode from Sync Summit Paris 2014, an interview with Josh Allegro from SynchTank, a music management platform for the licensing industry.

Here Josh covers the specifics of SynchTank, who it is built for, working with the likes of Disney, and the importance of keeping music meta data in order. He also demonstrates the platform and its features.

Watch below!

00:00:19 – Introduction and what SynchTank is
00:01:10 – Companies SynchTank works withBeing a music supervisor now vs. 20 years ago
00:01:43 – Working with Disney
00:02:16 – SynchTank’s target audience
00:02:35 – Demonstration of the frontend and backend of the platform
00:05:05 – Importance of keeping track of metadate for indie musicians

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