Top EDM Labels’ Promos In Your Inbox: We Spin Partners Up With Promo Hutt

HHow can a DJ get exclusive promos from a label not having an established direct contact with it? There are services for that, and We Spin – Dotted Music’s very own music marketing education platform – just partnered with one of the most exciting new player in this market, called Promo Hutt.

More than a “traditional” promo pool, Promo Hutt allows DJs, music professionals and fans to subscribe to their favorite labels (like My Favorite Robot, which was one of the first imprints to join the roster) and receive new releases weeks prior to official street dates.

Now, all We Spin members get 50% discount for three months on their first subscription at Promo Hutt. See below how to claim the discount.

Promo Hutt

Once you subscribe to a chosen record label, you get regular and legitimate access to music two to six weeks before it hits the stores, also whilst being able to feedback your opinion of the music, to the label.

  • DJs, whatever their status, can get the best music in advance of its release.
  • Music professionals can stay ahead by getting new music before anyone else.
  • And dedicated followers of electronic music can keep up-to-date on their favourite record labels whilst sharing their thoughts on any pre-release music.

If a fan likes a new release, they can let the record label know, whilst the label has the option to communicate with them directly.

Promo Hutt also takes care of the safe delivery and security of music files when online. All music downloads are watermarked and actively monitored for file sharing to ensure that every track stays in right hands.

You can learn more about Promo Hutt and the promo culture in electronic music in our conversation with Chris Gorsuch, Project Manager for Promo Hutt, in the latest issue of the We Spin Recipes podcast.

If you are interested in the 50% discount, you can claim it by becoming a beta We Spin member today. Just fill out the questionnaire at and get access to the platform for just $1 for the first month (you can cancel anytime, no obligations).