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Big Data

Spotify, Big Data, And The Future Of Music Streaming

Online music streaming services like Spotify have never been more popular, but as the market becomes saturated with competitors like Tidal and Apple Music, how do you stay on top? The answer it seems is “Big Data”.

Live Gig

How to Prepare for Your First Live Gig

Whether your first live gig is ‘headlining’ at your local pub or trying your hand at an open mic night at the rock club in town, preparation is everything. What do you need to do to prepare well?

Income For Indies: Tracy Maddux On The Future Of Streaming

With growing reports of artists not getting paid by streaming platforms, it’s easy to think that they aren’t a realistic revenue stream for indies. Is it really so though?

Music Streaming: The True Cost

Music Streaming: The True Cost

Revenues from subscription streaming services for music in the U.S. accounted for 27% of music sales across all formats in 2014. Check out this infographic to learn how much artists are really earning from the top streaming services.

Electrifying Music

Electrifying Music: The Impact Of Engineering On Music #Infographic

This infographic sheds some light on the innovative contributions of music engineers throughout history and solidify the notion that engineers will continue to play an impactful role in musical expression.

How To Produce A Chart-Topping Music Blog #Infographic

With a little help from this guide, you’ll understand what it takes to be a master blogger with some key points on royalties, permissions and copyrights.