MGT28: 5 Tips On Getting Music Press – James Moore

JJames Moore is the founder of the Independent Music Promotions agency, and the author of highly acclaimed book on music promotion called Your Band Is A Virus.

In the latest WeSpin Recipes podcast episode, James talks a lot about getting press – something that all artists want desperately. How do you craft your email? How to catch a journalist’s interest? What platforms to focus on?

Listen to the conversation to learn James’ music PR insights, and check out James’ expanded edition of Your Band Is A Virus for more tips on music promotion.

Your Band Is A Virus

Your Band Is A Virus by James Moore

Some of the topics covered in the podcast episode:

  • The relevance of PR these days.
  • How to get the most out of each publication about you.
  • What it takes to do music PR yourself.
  • James’ example on how to approach an industry professional.
  • “Ask for an advice, don’t ask for help.”
  • Think on what exactly to offer press.
  • Targeting music discovery platforms.
  • Using your interests for niche PR.

Listen to the episode below:

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Show Notes: