MGT32: The Modern Troubadour – Nate Maingard

NNate Maingard is a modern troubadour, whose art is supported by “The Nateives” – a community of loyal fans, pledging monthly amounts at his Patreon page.

This indie-folk musician’s music, deep lyrics, charisma and the values Nate stands for unite people, and inspire them to change their lives for the better.

Nate Maingard has been going through a lot of changes himself in the latest years, quitting a well-paid job to follow his calling, and discovering the entrepreneurial side of the music industry.

In this WeSpin Recipes podcast, we talked to Nate about how he discovered Patreon and why he switched from per-release to monthly payments; how his patrons fuel his passion and creativity, and the challenges that growth can bring. Listen to the episode to also hear the story of Nate receiving the best birthday gift an artist can expect from a fan!

Some of the topics covered in the episode:

Nate Maingard

Nate Maingard

  • What it means to be location-independent.
  • Nate’s journey from quitting a job to following his destiny.
  • Running a music business is a creative process.
  • How to find out what you are passionate about.
  • “Nateives” and how to create a community around what you do.
  • The beauty of the gift economy.
  • Nate’s thoughts on growth.

Listen to the episode below.

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