MGT33: Making A Splash In The Flood Of Music – Chris Thompson (SplashFlood)

CChris Thompson is a co-founder of SplashFlood, a music mobile app to be released in late Spring.

SplashFlood is aimed to serve both musicians, who want to spread their music beyond existing audiences, and listeners, eager to discover songs from new independent musicians.

In this WeSpin Recipes podcast episode, Chris talked on what musicians can learn from startups, how SplashFlood is different from anything available on the market, what the “Influence Builder” is – and how it will allow artists to raise to the top inside the app solely thanks to their talent and motivation.

Some of the topics covered in the episode:



  • Why talented musicians deserve to be heard.
  • Combining music and entrepreneurship.
  • Looking at everything from a critical standpoint.
  • How is SplashFlood different from Soundcloud, YouTube, Reverbnation and the likes?
  • The “Influence Builder”.
  • What’s in it for a listener?
  • A game-like experience inside the app.
  • Why you won’t be able to buy listens for money.

Listen to the episode below.

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Show Notes: