MGT39: Grow By Giving To A Non-Profit – Scott McElroy (ehco™)

TThe Entertainment Helping Company, is building nothing less than a “giving channel” – the platform’s focus is to connect music artists and their fans with social causes.

Artists who “truly want to change the world” can offer exclusive merchandise through ehco™, giving half (50%) of everything they make from the sales to the 501(c)3 social partner of their choice.

Scott McElroy is a co-founder of ehco™, and in this WeSpin Recipes podcast episode he talked on how artists should use their influence to help causes they care about, why giving becomes a necessity these days, and how exactly ehco™ functions.

Listen to this conversation with Scott to also learn how to keep a partnership with a non-profit authentic and genuine, and where to start if you want to work with a social partner.

Some of the topics covered in the episode:

Scott McElroy

Scott McElroy

  • Empowering fans to give to the causes you and they care about
  • What ehco™ is for artists, fans and non-profits
  • Ways to improve the partnerships between artists and causes
  • Other platforms in the “giving” space
  • The importance of keeping merchandise unique and special
  • Learning from Taylor Swift how to truly connect with fans

Listen to the episode below.

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